12 Tips To Break The Fat Belly To Work!

By | September 20, 2018

Did you? Exercise already. Clean up. But fat belly does not disappear!

Declining belly may make many people feel discouraged. It is not easy to reduce. A fat belly is a risk factor that causes many health problems as many. I also feel swollen and uncomfortable.

Today we have tips to break down the fat that has come together. To help keep your belly flat. Have a beautiful puppet show up by doing the following simple methods.

  • Eat snacks between meals.

Many people think that eating snacks between meals will make you fat and paunchy but in reality. Eating between meals during 3-4 hours may stimulate metabolic processes. And may help adjust blood sugar levels to balance the hormone insulin. This will help the body burn energy efficiently. But do not eat foods that have high sugar or calories. Choose high protein foods such as protein bars, low-fat cheese or almonds in small amounts.

  • Do not eat processed foods.

Although processed foods such as white bread, baked goods, chips, soft drinks, and desserts are a tasty and delicious food for many people. But these foods may increase inflammation in the body. This may affect the ability to get rid of fat on the stomach, so avoid eating processed foods. Then turn to eat fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Reduce flour.

Restricting the amount of starch is less effective for health. Especially in terms of weight loss. It also shows that carbohydrates or starches are not processed, instead of starchy foods. Help promote the metabolism process. Reduce fat around the waist. And reduce fat on the stomach as well.

  • Add food with fiber.
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Fiber or fiber is often found in fruits and vegetables. Especially soluble fiber. It helps to absorb water and slow down the transport of food to the digestive tract. In addition, eating soluble fiber also reduces fat accumulation by various organs, resulting in decreased waist circumference. And risk fewer health problems. The food sources of soluble fiber are oatmeal, flax seed, avocado, dried beans. And blackberry

  • Cardio exercise

The exercises, cardio, or aerobic such as brisk walking, running and cycling. It is a good choice to break down fat and help keep it healthy. Many types of research found that. Cardiovascular exercise improves the strength of the body. It also helps reduce excess fat or fat around the waist. It should be done continuously at medium to high levels. Do at least 20-40 minutes a day, or 150-300 minutes a week. The fat belly is gone and left but flat belly.

  • Undo

Strength training by lifting will help build muscle mass. This allows the body to burn more calories each day. In addition, the skeleton also helps strengthen the muscles of the body and reduce the size of the waist as well. For good results in reducing belly fat. It should be lifted along with a cardio exercise.

  • Drink a special drink.

Many people have heard of that belief. Vinegar from Apple may help to lose weight. May mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar with 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 cup of warm water and drink once a day. It may also be possible to mix the drink recipe into salad dressings to add flavor. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the efficacy of apple liqueur in this regard. Vinegar from the apple alone. And should not drink for a long time. Because acid from vinegar may cause a toothache. Irritation of the throat And acid may corrode the digestive tract.

  • Read labels before buying.
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Before buying any food, read the nutrition label and then compare the nutrients well. To ensure that the purchased product does not contain excessive amounts of sugar, salt or fat, such as low-fat yogurt. However, it is usually higher in carbohydrates and sugar than plain yogurt. Be careful when buying mayonnaise. Sauces and dressings Because these foods are always high in fat and calories.

  • HIIT Fitness

Exercise intensity light switch or a HIIT (the Intensity, Interval Training, a High-) are popular now may help break down fat as well. It also increases the rate of energy metabolism. Who wants to have a flat stomach, try to exercise this way. Do a quick jumping or cycling session with a short break and let it run for 10-20 minutes.

  • Drink Water

The water also helps to have a flat stomach. It will stimulate the rate of metabolism. It helps to feel faster and eat less food. It also helps relieve constipation and prevent flatulence. For anyone who wants to have a beautiful belly. It is recommended to drink a glass of water before meals. And remember to drink enough water to meet the needs of the body.

  • Have enough rest

One important factor of weight loss is inevitable. Research has shown that sleeping less than 5 hours a day is associated with increased body weight. In addition, those who are less likely to have obesity increased by 55 percent, so if you do not want to fold or have. Rubber ring around the waist Keeps your body well rested.

  • Eliminate stress

Stress is associated with health problems. One of them is overweight. Because of the stressful time, the body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone stimulates the appetite. As a result, fat accumulation in the body, so anyone who is facing stress, try to find a way to get rid of stress. Maybe try activities that help to relax, like watching movies, listening to music, yoga or meditation. To avoid fat accumulation in the abdomen too much to reduce.

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