30 minutes in the morning are beneficial for physical While Traveling

By | September 27, 2018

Who said traveling was not tired? Because of me traveling it’s very draining, let alone to me that her job requires to travel from one place to another. If not have a good physical condition, wrong-wrong can be uprooted while traveling, and it will be even more inconvenient instead. Every day I took for 30 minutes in the morning. What’s it?

1. Two glasses of plain water After waking up (1 minute)

Water in the morning it’s very important especially when after waking up, not only in other time is not important. But the power organs would be better if started with two glasses of plain water. It may sound trivial, but one minute in the morning it will help neutralize the toxins in the body.

2. Breakfast a short (8-minute).

Breakfast in the morning is no less important because breakfast is the body’s source of energy to start the activity. Don’t need a heavy breakfast, quite fresh bread with 2 strands of peanut butter and a few slices of banana fruit to start the day. The energy will be obtained from banana fiber and bread. Or so as not to get bored, it can be dealing with other vegetables and fruit.

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3. Sports (15 minutes)

Usually because of solid activity so don’t have time to exercise, 15 minutes is enough to remove the sweat from the body. Not about how long his work out but the intensity of the day would be better. Usually, I took myself jogging for 10 minutes for the resumed some stretching 5 minutes. Because after working out is usually the Agency be fresher, plus the morning air still fresh both for inhaling.

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4. Stir up the Mood with the Juice and Music (6 minutes)

After a workout, we will lose fluids in the body, so that the body also needs a fluid intake. This time give more taste to evoke a mood. Melon juice, Watermelon Juice can be an option, and don’t forget to play your favorite music while you make the juice and enjoy it to evoke mood and begin the day with a positive mind and body are fresh.

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Four things I usually do the routine every morning so that the physical body is always fresh. Because health did not come from how diligent exercise or how healthy our food but of a balanced lifestyle. A long live style that determines the condition of the body at regular intervals, commitment and routines to do it every day is necessary.

By doing 30-minute Morning Useful every day, I’m so much more confident to continue with a solid schedule of activities and of course remained productive with positive thoughts.

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