30 Recipes For Tightening Your Stomach

By | September 4, 2017

If you run 5 kilometers, it will be fine if you have 25 minutes. It is not too early, but it should never be late. Weight training and swimming do not bother me. Even in classes of fighting sports type and circuit training that is a bit tricky I will not breathe.

Anyway I want to make my belly around clear

Even so, I do not feel clever about my belly.
It is far from ideal.
Even though it is ideal, we are not aiming for a six-pack of beaki baki. I just want to pay somewhere else. In the gym, it runs 5 kilometers, or 15 minutes after completing the classes it takes time to train consciousness of the rectus abdominis and oblique oblique muscles.
Even so, I do not feel clever about my belly.
So I decided to think about the root cause. My own answer, thoughtfully thought out, is the simple fact that the amount to eat is better than momentum. If you move your body you get hungry. If I am hungry, I will eat as much as possible. Therefore, I think that there is no choice but to reduce the amount to eat, think about the kind of things to eat, change the way of eating.

Realistic and planned weight management

After calculating the BMI, I got a figure of 23.82. It seems to be normal range of weight. However, since the index called BMI is a category of obesity of 25 or more, in my case it is a borderline. The appropriate weight weighed out from his height is 68.15 kilometers. That means we have to drop 5.65 kg. However, suddenly it is too intense to suddenly drop it – perhaps that way of thinking is the worst – so I’d like to realize achievement in a half year with a goal of 1 kilometer per month.
Now, in addition to going to the gym, it runs 10 kilometers a week. Let’s keep this as it is, what can we do after that? Last summer, when I stopped carbonated drinks and ice cream, I lost a lot of weight. This should be useful as well. Also, do not eat instant noodles for two consecutive days. It is easy, but I know it is effective.

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Fat does not increase, consciousness is important

Fat has subcutaneous fat and visceral fat, the best thing is to keep neither. Especially for a person who is sitting like a writer for a very long time, I only have to be conscious of moving the body anyway. Move the body as a premise, what shall we do next? It is necessary to send a balanced eating habit while conscious of the consumption of calories.
Then, what is the balanced eating habits, meals?

Solving cholesterol and neutral fat with this

“Delicious Recipe for Cholesterol / Neutral Fat Measures against Latest Version Calculator” (Yokote Kutaro, Supervised, Erika Kanamaru / Cooking / Gakken Plus · Published) is one such book written for Pinpoint A manual that meets your needs. Let’s read the preface.
Even if it is said that as a result of health examination, “high cholesterol level” and “high neutral fat value” are said to be not symptomatic, is not there many people who do not come with pins?

(Quoted from ‘Recent version calculation needle cholesterol / delicious recipe for countering neutral fat’)

so. There are no symptoms at a level that you can recognize. Even in daily life, there is no problem with this. However, I’d like to tighten up my warm-hearted stomach and just look a little better.
In this book, I introduce the recipe “to protect proper energy intake”, “make staple food a certain amount”, “take food with effect to suppress cholesterol level and neutral fat value without using extra fat” can be taken.
(Quoted from ‘Recent version calculation needle cholesterol / delicious recipe for countering neutral fat’)
Recipes to be introduced include cooks, side dishes, rice items, noodles, bread, juice, and meals, as well as desserts. Even if you know what is good for your body, it will not last unless it tastes good, and it will distract her feelings. Oh, do not worry. This book introduces four points that can be delicious.

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1.  energy intake ( 1 per day 1200 – 1500/160 – 1800 of 2 selected in accordance with the pattern) 2 stage of the amount
2.  taste and sour, salt reduction Let Me Hear Your rich, thing insufficient zero even under reduced fat
3.  menu If you are worried about making, imitate a recommended menu example only
4.  Low energy side dishes & soup, energy adjustment is happy
It is noteworthy that 30 types of menu that can be selected according to the proper energy intake per meal are laid out in combination with main dish, side dish, soup, staple food.

<Menu 1>
Main dish = Taste of eggplant hamburger
side dish = Okra’s jelly sprinkle
juice = kabuto potage
staple food = rice 120 – 150 g

<Menu 2>
Main dish = Boryumie sandwich
side dish = boiled consomme of lotus root and mushrooms

<Menu 3>
Main dish = bean curd and cabbage okonomiyaki
side dishes = Konnyaku’s high-bean fried
soup = cucumber and kimchi soup
Such a feeling, 30 kinds of menu is introduced. There is also dessert.

<Recommended desserts>
Steamed apple = 99 kcal
Grapefruit yoghurt Crafty = 98 kcal
Orange jelly = 30 kcal
Potato candy = 81 kcal

Weakly dieting diet

The so-called diet seems to be the least disgusting. The reverse is to set concrete goals. My goal is to lose 6 kilograms in half a year and not feel it any bit any attitude with 31 inch tight jeans.

In addition to regular exercise, we also decided to raise awareness of things like diet therapy. Well, if limited to attitude and feelings, I still can not lose to anyone.

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