4 Steps to Help People Get Rid of the Important

By | December 10, 2018

Swimming in the pool, sea or other waters, it feels good. However, anyone can sink if they don’t understand good swimming techniques. Therefore, it is important to always be vigilant and understand how to help people sink properly.

Sinking is a condition where a person is unable to keep the mouth part on the water to breathe. When drowning, water will enter the respiratory tract so that the airway closes and the victim can experience a decrease in consciousness until unconsciousness.

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How to Help People Sink Right

  • Immediately ask for help
    The first step is to help drowning people who are shouting to attract the attention of others around you. Apart from you being able to help directly or indirectly, there is no harm in asking for help from people to make it easier to help victims. You can also ask for help to contact emergency services, coast guards or rescue teams.
  • Look for a tool that can help
    Don’t panic when you see the victim sink. Look around to find a tool that can help. If the victim is not too far away, try calling and calming him. Then, if you can, try grabbing the victim’s hand or using a rope and other assistive devices. Most importantly, try to get the victim out of the water.
  • Helping with adequate equipment
    How to help people drown by approaching it, can only be done by trained personnel or even people who have sufficient swimming ability. In addition, it is important to bring adequate equipment when providing assistance. Do not let you become a victim because you are negligent in giving help.
  • Giving breathing assistance carefully
    When the sinking victim is successfully taken ashore, immediately lay down. If the victim is not breathing, do cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or cardiac resuscitation by pressing the palm of the hand in the center of the chest parallel to the nipple. If necessary, you can help to press using two overlapping hands.Press as deep as approximately 5 cm carefully, 30 times with an average speed of about 100 times the pressure per minute. In other words, pressing 30 times in about 20 seconds. Make sure the chest returns to its original position before pressing it again. Then check whether the victim is breathing.

If the victim has not yet breathed after lung heart resuscitation, try opening the airway by raising the victim’s head and lifting the chin. However, be careful when holding the victim’s neck, because there is a possibility of neck or spinal cord injury. Press the victim’s nose, then blow the air towards the victim’s mouth . Blow twice in one second.

After that, try to see if the chest expands when air is blown. Then return to the chest press procedure 30 times. Do it alternately before emergency help comes.

The important thing is that you remember when helping drowning people, that is, staying calm. Avoid hasty actions that can endanger you. Then, immediately call emergency services that provide expert help.

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