5 Mistakes When Intermittent Fasting

By | November 25, 2018

There are many diet approaches to lose weight and can be chosen according to needs. There is a diet with a low carbohydrate approach such as ketogenic or paleo diet. Furthermore, there are diets that have a low fat approach. Finally, there is a diet with a limit approach to eating hours that resembles front fasting.

What is an intermittent fasting diet?

Those of you who don’t know what an intermittent fasting diet is, it’s good to know the basics first. Intermittent fasting is a diet with the concept of limiting meals. Meal times are usually only 8 hours or less than that according to the protocol approach applied.

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Because the concept is like fasting, at morning there will be no breakfast. Usually, breakfast is done above 12.00 and until 18.00-20.00 every day. During the day, you cannot eat, but you are still allowed to drink because there is no calories.

This diet can be seen after one week of doing it. After a few months, the effect will decrease once entering the plateu phase . Stop a one-day diet or change meal times so the body is not used to a low metabolic pattern.

Error while doing intermittent fasting

The protocol of the intermittent fasting is actually very simple. However, mistakes often occur so that the diet fails.

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Intermittent fasting diets require consistency. When the diet is done there is no consistency the possibility of failure will be large. For example, a meal should be 12.00, you eat at 11.00 or less. Furthermore, eating hours are too late.

Well, this very messy consistency will make the diet fail. Therefore, always stick to the chosen protocol. For example, it’s time to eat, don’t delay it. Minimal food like eating fruit or other snacks.

Eat too much when breakfasting

After hours of eating open or breakfasting, you can eat anything. This diet has no limits on what to eat. You can eat anything as long as it is healthy and does not cause problems in the body. With food maintained, the diet will stay on the right track.

Avoid foods that are too excessive. Foods that are too excessive will trigger fat buildup. So, it’s better to still measure the number of calories that enter the body.


One of the biggest failures of fasting intermittent actors is often weighing. Often weighing will make you obsessed with losing more weight. Even though the weight that looks stagnant can be due to the addition of muscle and a decrease in fat.

Don’t exercise

Even though you are on a diet, you still have to exercise regularly. Regular exercise will help you lose weight and keep your metabolism to a maximum. Usually intermittent fasting often triggers a decrease in metabolism and causes stagnant body weight.

Eat too little

Intermittent diet fasting is slightly different from other diets. Other diets may limit the amount of food, if the intermittent fasting is not. As long as it still matches the number of daily calories you can eat anything.

Because you can eat anything, don’t limit the amount. Eating too little is bad for health. Doing intermittent fasting will automatically remove the fat. Don’t limit food because it can reduce metabolism.

This is a review of intermittent fasting, specifically the problem of errors that made the diet fail miserably. Well, if you often do intermittent fasting, where are the most common mistakes? Hopefully, after knowing the above error, you can fix it.

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