5 tricks to make your Hair healthier and Lustrous

Want a healthy and shiny hair? It’s hard to maintain healthy hair, especially if you often use hair styling products or tools which make the hair dry. Ladies, here are 5 tricks that you can apply to preserve the health of the hair to appear shinier!

1. watch the habits you when shampooing.

When using shampoos, do you like to collect all the hair on the top of the head like this?

Ladies, this habit is not just making the hair of tangles, but also make the ends of the hair so dry – especially when you have curly hair or frizzy. “With the natural hair straight, gravity causes the oils from the scalp down to the roots to the ends of the hair quickly. With curly hair, the oil should be down through the hair shaft which is circular, then the oil moves more slowly, “explained hair expert Steven Picciano. Therefore, you do not need to wash every day when you have curly hair! When shampooing, you can also switch shampoos with cleansing conditioner so that the natural oils in the hair is not lost.

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2. Use a comb to wet hair and brush to dry hair.

Often comb your wet hair using the brush? It’s time to stop! This habit can make hair fall out and cause damage to the outer layer of the hair. Handle with care – use a wide-toothed comb when combing wet hair. Begin combing at the ends of the hair, and then move to the middle of the hair before combing from the root. This technique can also minimize the loss and Frizz.

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3. use a t-shirt to dry hair.

Do you frequently drain the wet hair with swiping a towel? Well, these habits can make weak and broken hair cuticles. Use the t-shirt with a soft cotton material to squeeze out the water from the top to the tip of the hair – this technique not only absorbs water more effectively but also keep the hair wet in order not easily tangled!

4. sleep with the pillowcases made from silk.

Yes, pillowcases can give effect on the hair in the next morning! Cotton is indeed useful for drying wet hair, but if you sleep using cotton pillowcase overnight, this material can absorb the natural oils from your hair, too, you know. The secret to minimizing the Frizz in the morning? Use the pillowcases made from silk! A silky smooth pillowcase leads to silky smooth hair.

5. run a diet that is rich in good fats.

If you want a healthy and shiny hair, fix your diet by adding foods rich in good fats! Nuts, fruit, avocados, and salmon can increase the lipid and make the body healthier. In addition, note also the flesh in order to stay hydrated. When to avoid dry, hair will also be dry.


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