8 Food For Breastfeeding

By | April 21, 2018

Mother’s milk is the first meal of the baby when the world has seen it. The baby from birth to 6 months if you are breastfeeding, it will be sufficient nutrients for. Growth & Development Brain of the newborn And a high immunity. Good for growth. But not all mothers who have enough milk to give children. So moms near the birth should be prepared to eat milk before delivery. In order to have enough milk for the baby. The recommended breastmilk is as follows.

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Salmon fish is rich in essential fatty acids (EFA) and is rich in omega-3s with high nutritional value. Helps in the growth of the body. The development of the brain of children. And it is important to add milk to your mother. It will stimulate the hormone secretion of milk and help the milk has a higher nutritional value as well.

Spinach is rich in iron, calcium and folic acid, which helps to support breast milk and helps to prevent breast cancer, contributing to the strength and development of the baby.

Carrots contribute to the amount of milk. The carrot is rich in vitamin A, which is an important component in the secretion of milk. Highly nutritious milk helps to improve milk quality.

Recommend to drink carrot juice in the morning. Or at lunch. It helps promote the secretion of milk as well. Or maybe eaten fresh with your favorite dishes as well.

Garlic is considered to be the best milk supplement. Can stimulate and increase the secretion of milk for mothers. Helps strengthen your mother’s immune system. Garlic is a major contributor to cancer as well.

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Apricots during and after pregnancy. The hormone in the body is not balanced. The apricots contain ingredients that will help restore balance to the hormone levels in your body. The apricots have a lot of calcium and fiber. This can stimulate the secretion of milk as well.

Almond is a snack. Snacks from nature, too with nutritious. Almonds contain high levels of omega-3s and vitamins. Vitamin E helps to relieve the itching that grows out of pregnancy. Omega 3 stimulates hormonal secretions and helps More milk production.

Black sesame of the health food. Highly nutritious whole grains are rich in calcium, which contributes to your mother’s milk. Nowadays, there are many products that contain a lot of black sesame. Mix with food as you like. Or drink black sesame milk is convenient.

Cow ‘s milk is another rich source of calcium. And essential fatty acids (EFA), which are certainly contributing to breastfeeding. And help in the secretion of milk that is breastfeeding mother. Should drink cow’s milk for 2-3 glasses a day, or choose a diet containing cow’s milk.

All 8 types can be eaten easily and can be eaten in a variety. However, mothers who are nearing birth or breastfeeding should consult a physician about the suitability of each type of food.

Nature has created breast milk as the best gift to welcome baby. Breast milk will increase immunity for children to develop and grow well. If you have been prepared before, it will be good for the child is a glass of heart is quite good.

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