Already Have Health Insurance, The Important Is To Have Travel Insurance?

By | September 12, 2018

Even though it has pocketed health insurance, complete with best travel insurance when traveling remains important. Because you will not be able to guess what may befall you while traveling.

Already Have Health Insurance?

Having travel insurance when traveling has not become essential needs. Understandably the understanding of this type of insurance is still very minimal, plus the presence of the assumption must expend expensive to buy travel insurance premiums.

Travel insurance or travel insurance actually indeed almost the same with other types of insurance, such as life insurance or health insurance. I.e. both provide protection and guarantees of health care costs. The difference, travel insurance is only given to those who want to travel, both domestically as well as abroad.’

Travel insurance is just as important to be included in every travel far you because this insurance will bear all the cost of losses incurred while traveling, while some of them might not be covered by insurance health or life insurance. Starting from damages due to the delay of the aircraft or delay, loss or delay of baggage, ill who need care, until an accident resulting in death.

Health insurance has limitations in protecting your health, especially the limitations of geographical location.

This means that not all hospitals in the world this could be ensured by the health insurance you have. Imagine if you are traveling to a country, then unwanted incidents happen and hospitals in the country are not receiving Your health insurance. But with travel insurance, you can still claim your medical expenses during your trip. Even in some specific countries, before entering the country, a person is obliged to protect himself with travel insurance for medical and security reasons. That’s the main reason that you have to understand why different travel insurance with health insurance.

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There is a presumption that the cost of premiums for travel insurance is very expensive. In fact, many insurance companies now offer travel insurance with the cost premium ranging from $ 1, depending on how long your trip and its purpose.

Tips On Choosing The Best Travel Insurance

Currently lots of insurance companies that offer travel insurance products. You have to be careful and observant choose best travel insurance products to suit your needs. Among other things:

Determine The Need

In order not to overload the travel costs, while traveling with the family should buy travel insurance with low premiums. If you already have health insurance and life insurance, should no longer buy travel insurance premiums with coverage health costs, maintenance, or death. Buy premium for assured enough compensation for the loss of goods and aircraft delays.

Adjust the duration of the trip

Travel insurance will protect you as of the date written on the policy. If you are active enough to travel to someplace in the span of one year, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance with protection throughout the year.

But if you are only traveling as much as one or two times a year, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance at the time you make the journey alone. Due to the longer travel, you want to protect with travel insurance, the greater the cost of the premiums you have to pay.

Select Your Travel Destinations

Some travel insurance products provide protection to many of the places visited. The average of these places even not want to destinations visited by holders of a travel insurance policy itself. So you do not have to pay a premium for protection at a location you visit, you should not explain in advance insurance place it anywhere that you want to visit.

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Local or overseas insurance

Local insurance products usually have cheaper premiums but the facilities offered could not complete as well as extensive coverage. While insurance products from foreign companies on average charge hefty premiums are expensive. However, the amenities you get will be more complete and any broader territory coverage. If your goal is abroad, we recommend that you select the insurance of international companies.

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