Cyberbullying ( Social Media Bullying ) The Danger On The Online World That Parents Should Be Careful.

By | September 4, 2018

Cyberbullying ( Social Media Bullying )  Threats or cyberbullying online At present, many Internet users are victims of this kind of threat. This may cause those who are suffering from mental health problems. Risk of Depression So, even with Internet access, children can easily find and connect with friends or people away from home. But parents should pay attention to using the Internet. Always monitor the behavior of the child. And to encourage children to know online media in various forms to prevent the victims of the. Cyberbullying That may happen at any time.

What is Cyberbullying? How different from the Bully?

Cyberbullying Use digital technology as a tool to harass or bully others. It may use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or send text messages over the phone, email, blogs, and websites to share photos or videos. This is usually done in a global environment. Digital without adult or guardian. The person may know the victim or be a stranger.

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Bully bullying is a pain in the ass. But the two types of bullying are different in that the confrontation may face bullying. Cyberbullying It is a tool used to harass victims on the internet. It can spread quickly and widely. There are also many other people who may be involved in this event.

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Children of the risk of them. Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying Involved in the use of electronic communication tools increased. Especially during the middle school age when children start to grow up, parents may buy mobile phones for their children. The phone itself is an opportunity for children to create accounts based on various social networks. According to statistics of the United States cyberbullying research unit. The Cyberbullying Research Center found that about 20 percents of children and adolescents aged 11-18 were victims or involved. Cyberbullying Girls are more likely to be offenders or victims than boys.

Impact of Cyberbullying

Online bullying can happen at home and at school. It can happen 24 hours a day. Cyberbullying I feel nervous and in bad condition. Can not find the solution to the problem. Moreover, Cyberbullying It can also affect children who are victims in the long run as well. It may be risky for anxiety, depression, disease, stress, and even severe suicidal creation. The researchers said. Both offenders and children who are victims of bullying have a very high risk of planning suicide. Suicide attempt And suicide successfully.

Warning signs that children are victims. Cyberbullying

Children and adolescents who are victims of cyberbullying often refuse to tell their parents or teachers that they are facing such an event. Because of guilt and shame. They may feel scared that they will not be allowed to use the computer or the phone again, so parents should keep an eye on their child’s behavior. The behavior that is the victim of. Cyberbullying is as follows.

  • Concealed secrets, especially about the online world.
  • Feel nervous or frightened every time you receive a message by phone or email.
  • Show emotion when you are at home or have a sad or upset mood. After using the internet or phone
  • Want to stop using your computer or phone?
  • Stay away from family members, friends, and activities.
  • Escape the class or try to avoid joining the group.
  • Depression School
  • Behavioral changes such as eating, sleep, and emotional state.
  • Avoid talking about using a computer or a phone.
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Protecting children from love. Cyberbullying

To protect children from being victimized by Internet threats. Parents should follow these guidelines.
  • Set up a computer where all family members do activities together. The living room. And always monitor the use of the computer.
  • Trust me. Have children participate in setting rules and restrictions on the use of the Internet.
  • Learn about social networking and check out your child’s profile page.
  • Talk to your child about issues in the online world and tell your children if there are dangerous or unhealthy events. You can always ask for help from your parents.
  • To protect children from being victimized by Internet threats. Parents should follow these guidelines.

If the child is facing. Cyberbullying Parents should find a way to help them.

  • If there is a threat from email, website or another social network, please inform the service provider that the service is connected to the internet.
  • Collect evidence by typing text or images that threaten the document. Also, record it on the computer or phone.
  • In cases where online bullying is harassment, physical harm, sexual harassment, or extortion Should inform law enforcement.
  • Contact the parent of the child involved. Cyberbullying And show evidence gathered. To confirm the event
  • If the offender is a child in the same school as the child. Please inform the school about it.
  • If the parent of the offending child ignores the incident. And the baby is still threatened. Should seek legal advice from a lawyer.

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