Do not let it go, this is how to deal with hair loss in children

By | October 11, 2018

Hair loss occurs not only adults but also children. Hair loss that occurs in children needs to be sought for the cause so that they can get the treatment that may be needed.

If hair falls around 100 strands per day in children, it is normal. However, if it reaches 300 strands per day, it could be a sign of a problem on the skin can be a sign of a problem on the scalp of your child. Generally, hair loss in your child can be caused by infection or problems with the scalp.

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Various Causes of Hair Loss p No Kids and Solutions

Some conditions that usually cause hair loss in children are:

Fungal infections of the scalp ( tinea capitis )

Tinea capitis is one of the most common causes of child hair loss. This condition is caused by a fungal infection of the scalp. Usually on the part of hair that has baldness will appear black dots, namely the broken part of the hair. When you find these symptoms in your child, you should immediately contact your doctor .
Hair loss due to tinea capitis can be cured by taking antifungal drugs for 8 weeks and using antifungal shampoo. That need diiingat, t Inea capitisan infectious disease. Doctors usually advise Little One not to lend items to others, such as hats, combs, pillowcases, and hair scissors.

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Baldness in certain parts ( alopecia areata )

Immune system disorders that attack the hair follicles or alopecia areata , can be a cause of hair loss in children. This disorder causes baldness in certain parts of the head, which are usually smooth, oval or round, with no red spots on the scalp. Baldness generally occurs suddenly without any symptoms that start. This condition can be overcome by using an ointment given by a doctor.

Habits hair pulling (trichotillomania)

habit of pulling hair could also be one of the causes of hair loss in children , you know , Bun. Trichotillomania is usually caused by excessive anxiety and stress felt by your child . Counseling with a psychologist is the right way you can do to help your child stop the habit.

Severe stress or stress ( telogen efflovium )

Telogen efflovium is usually caused by stress, high fever, head injury, surgery, or severe trauma, for example due to loss of someone closest. This condition causes hair loss and stops growing temporarily. No special handling is needed, because about 6 months – 1 year the baby’s hair will grow again as usual, after the child has passed through the weight.

Nutritional deficiencies

Other causes that cannot be ignored are nutritional deficiencies. Lack of zin c , iron, or vitamin B3 can be a cause of hair loss in children. Excess vitamin A can also be one of the triggers. To overcome this, you can provide the nutrients your child needs according to his age.

Bad habit

Hair loss in Small si can also be caused by bad habits, such as tying the hair too often, using a hair dryer or use hair care products with harsh chemicals. Avoid these things to prevent loss.

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As long as the little one goes through the process of growing his hair again, you can ask him to change the hairstyle that is more appropriate. In addition, you can also recommend the use of head covers, such as scarves, wigs, bandanas, or hats.

Having hair loss is not a pleasant experience, including for children. Therefore, as much as possible keep understanding and building up his confidence in dealing with these conditions. Mother can also consult a pediatrician to determine the cause of hair loss and get the right treatment.

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