HIFU New Treatment For Prostate Cancer

By | April 28, 2018

HIFU is a health and beauty innovation that is gaining popularity in the present. Medical treatment is used to treat prostate cancer. Because there are fewer side effects than other treatments, what is HIFU? What are the pros and cons? Patients who wish to receive this treatment should study to prepare.

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Treatment of prostate cancer with HIFU (High-Intensity Focus Ultrasound) is the release of high-intensity ultrasound waves to destroy tissue with cancer cells directly. Doctors will use this approach with patients who have not yet spread to other parts of the body. It may be advisable to undergo HIFU before other treatments. Or if the exposure is not effective. Including patients who have been treated but cancer of the prostate.

Advantages and disadvantages of HIFU

Prostate cancer patients who want to be treated in this way may compare the advantages and disadvantages of HIFU in order to make a decision.

Advantages of HIFU

  • No need to rehabilitate the body in the hospital after HIFU and do not hurt. Because no surgery or radiation to do.
  • The risk of impaired sexual function or urinary incontinence after treatment is less than other treatments.
  • Can be treated differently if the illness is not improved or tumor is repeated. Unlike other treatments that may not be repeated. Because of the risk of high side effects.

Disadvantages of HIFU

  • Only available to patients whose cancer cells remain within the prostate. Not used in cases where cancer cells spread to other organs of the body.
  • The use of HIFU for prostate cancer treatment is not widespread in the hospital.
  • Doctors have made HIFU less.
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How to prepare for HIFU

Prostate cancer cells that do not spread to other organs of the body may consult a doctor for HIFU before other treatments. Ask questions about your overall health and the side effects of the procedure. If you decide to go to HIFU, the patient will have to stop drinking water and food for 6 hours before doing so.

What is the HIFU process?

Treatment of prostate cancer with HIFU uses ultrasound waves with a high temperature of 32 ° C projected through the intestinal wall into cancerous cells to remove the cells. It takes about 1-4 hours.

Before doing HIFU

  • The doctor will gut the intestinal tract of the patient to drive out the waste. Make sure there is no food or water in the body before making HIFU.
  • To the anesthetic, so the patient does not feel pain during the treatment.

During HIFU

  • The doctor inserts a small tube through the penis into the bladder of the patient. To drain urine during treatment.
  • Insert a small ultrasound device into the intestine or use an MRI to help visualize the prostate within the body.
  • The doctor looks at the picture to find the tumor. It then shoots ultrasound waves through the intestinal wall to destroy cancer cells inside the prostate.

After doing HIFU

  • The doctor inserts a small tube inserted into the patient’s genital area. Or leave it for a week and then appoint another patient to bring the tube out.
  • Patients can return home at the end of treatment and the anesthetic is gone.
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Side effects of HIFU

Treatment of prostate cancer with HIFU has fewer side effects compared to other treatments. However, patients should seek immediate medical attention if any of the following symptoms occur:

  • Genital herpes is slow or does not doom to disappear. However, patients may be advised to use the medicine as part of their physical rehabilitation.
  • Urinary incontinence or urinary incontinence
  • A blood contaminated with the urine.
  • The infection of the urinary tract or testicles.
  • The pain between the testicles and intestines.

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