How Do You Prepare? And What To Prepare For The Hospital?

Birth preparation can be a way to help your mother relieve stress and anxiety in many things because even with a clear birth. But sometimes births are hard to predict when and what happens, so getting ready may help you feel more confident. And it helps to keep the moment going as smoothly as possible, such as learning the birth process. Directions to the hospital Or luggage to prepare the birth.

How to prepare a baby?

When the baby is close, the best preparation may help you cope with any problems or changes that may have occurred. May be prepared in the following way.

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Learn the birth process.

Mothers should begin to learn the procedure of giving birth in various forms from about the gestational age of about 20 weeks, because it may help to understand the stage of delivery. Learn how to deal with pain. Breathing technique Relaxation techniques Know the medical devices that may be used during labor. It may be from a trusted video. You may also attend classes that are specially designed for delivery. There are specialists who can help you find a solution to your anxiety problems.

Consult with experienced mothers. 
Talking to other mothers about experiences during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum may help to cope with some of the more likely outcomes, such as postpartum depression. Urinary problems or decreased sexual desire.

Learn how to breastfeed.

The baby may not be able to start sucking immediately. Both mothers and babies need to learn how to breastfeed and breastfeed. A proper breastfeeding study may help mothers to cope with problems that may arise from breastfeeding.

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Talk to other children and organize pets in your home.
Children may not understand the new family members. It may take some time to adjust the understanding in about 2-3 months before birth. And if there is a pet in the house. The owner may need to learn how to teach a pet to live with a new member in his or her home. This may be studied from books, articles or video clips. And pets may also be brought to class with specialist trainers.

Plan to travel and use the vehicle to the hospital.

Should planning to travel to the hospital how convenient and safe in both day and night. Check your car’s performance and refuel. And pay for the parking fee. Alternatively, consult your neighbors for a backup plan. In the event of a malfunction, try to avoid emergency ambulance calls. But be prepared to do the plan yourself. And call the ambulance only when the emergency really only.

Directions to the hospital 
You may want to check that the route to the hospital to give birth is improving the route or not. And what is the traffic condition? To provide alternate routes, you can explore the most convenient parking spaces in the hospital building. And study the basic rules of the hospital and the birth room should know.

List the key contacts.

Make a note of your nearest contact number in your handbag or save it on your phone. To facilitate the search in case of emergencies, such as the number of hospitals, husbands or the number of patients.

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Bedding and baby clothes

Buy and install baby strollers, mattresses or baby cots. Make sure it is properly installed and standardized. Bed linen, pillowcases, and baby’s diapers are also provided. It may be washed separately. Choose chemicals that can harm your baby.

Find a lightweight postpartum assistant.

During the first week after birth, you may find or hire assistants to take care of the household chores, such as cleaning the house and taking care of pets. Babysitting for other children or babysitting at night for newborn babies, etc. Finding someone to help or hiring a helper to do various tasks may help your mother less tired. Reduce anxiety and help with rest time.

Buy a variety of important items.

When returning home after birth You may need to be busy with baby care and enough rest. The purchase of essential supplies to prepare in the home such as tissues, sanitary napkins, underwear, milk, baby milk, baby bottles or diapers. This will help reduce the burden of buying more. And maybe cooked frozen food in this period. To save time on the rice.

Luggage preparation

During 2-3 weeks before birth, It may be a good time to prepare a bag. To prepare for the important things that need to be in the hospital for themselves. He who comes And newborn The various things that should be packed in the bag to prepare the birth.

What to prepare for mothers preparing for delivery. And those who come

  • ID Card and House Registration
  • Antenatal care and other related documents, such as health insurance cards.
  • Breastfeeding
  • Hair Care Lipgloss, various hair care, and a rubber band.
  • Dress for the day.
  • Mobile phones and chargers
  • Camera or camcorder recording movies. To save a picture with the baby
  • Books, magazines, movies or music for relaxation.
  • Cash
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Things to prepare for newborns

  • Newborn Sleeping Pants
  • Baby wrap Or muslin
  • Newborn Cap
  • diaper
  • cotton
  • Dress for children to put on the back.

Items should not be taken to the hospital.

  • Accessories
  • Lots of money or lots of cash
  • Medications or vitamins, except when going to a hospital that has never been before. No history of treatment.

After the birth, the mother will be transferred to the department after birth. To those who come to take care of items that are not used to return. There is room for other equipment or supplies.

With careful preparation. This allows the mother and the people around to deal with things on a special day that has been waiting for a long time.

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