How To Correct Pimples.

By | September 16, 2018

Pimple is a skin problem that can result in the uneven skin. And cause nuisance If you know the correct treatment and prevention. It helps to reduce acne or other types of acne effectively.

A pimple is a disorder of the pores that cause acne-like acne. The difference is that a pimple is clotting within the acne, including fat or dead skin cells. It usually occurs on most nostrils. It may also be found on the scalp, chest, back, or elsewhere. Pimples occur on both men and women, often found in adults rather than children.

What is a pimple?

Pimples are caused by a disorder of the gut, transporting the hair follicles are very abnormal. Can not fall through time. When combined with the fat that is out of production, and dead skin cells then cause an acne-like pimples, blackheads, clogged by skin type, this may cause undesired operation. Can not be inflammatory. Other factors that contribute to blockage of the pimples.


  • The very unusual function of testosterone within the skin.
  • The amount of Linoleic Acid that is present in the outer layer of the skin. Reduces the skin’s protection.
  • The immune system produces inflammatory cytokines. (Proinflammatory Cytokines)
  • Fuel the bacteria P. Acne. (Propionibacterium Acne: P. Acnes) Causes acne to produce excess fatty acids.
  • The body has water before menstruation. Make it easy to damp.
  • Contact with chemicals such as hair products. Isopropyl myristate (IPM), propylene glycol (Propylene Glycol) and some dye products that stimulate acne.
  • Pore is damaged due to skin injury, such as acne squeezing, non-gentle cleansing. The use of chemicals Or laser skin.
  • smoking
  • Eating foods that cause acne, such as foods that are high in fat and sugar.
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Are these beliefs true?

There are many people who believe that pimples are caused by other causes other than the lack of cleanliness. But those beliefs are both true and false.

  • Eating chocolate causes acne. Food is considered to be a small component of acne causing factors. There is no research to confirm that eating chocolate causes acne only. Eating a dairy or carbohydrate can stimulate acne. It also needs to study the exact results.
  • Facial cleansing will often reduce acne. Frequent cleansing will result in irritated skin. And excessive polishing or facial cleansing will also stimulate acne. So wash your face once a day with mild soap and after washing the face should be wiped with a clean cloth to prevent bacteria.
  • Squeeze acne to prevent acne. Squeeze the acne will make the bacteria accumulated in the acne spread throughout the skin and cause more acne. It can cause scarring on the skin.
  • The more the cause of acne. Makeup does not always cause acne. If you choose a product that does not contain acne. Or choose a skin-friendly product. It will not cause clogging pores and acne can be cleaned every time before going to bed. And regularly clean makeup equipment.

How to cure burns.

In some cases, pimples do not need medical treatment. Because healing from his own cosmetic. Clogging of hairs Can be removed by removing them. Or use a closed clogged it can help. However, during treatment, the acne prone skin must be cleaned in a special way so as not to be repeated. Should take care of yourself.

  • Choose cosmetics that do not contain oil to prevent clogging.
  • Wash your face twice a day with mild soap and water.
  • Non smoking
  • Eat less sugar, fat or dairy products.
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If you want to get rid of pimples quickly with medicines. The most commonly used medication is the medicine. It should be done at least 1-2 times a day and it may take several weeks for the symptoms to begin to improve. Effective acne treatment is usually composed of


  • T on Ile Soleil peroxide (Benzoyl Peroxide) is used to treat severe acne, the kind that does. It can be used in pregnant women. The side effect is dry skin. Irritant Or may be allergic to clothing may also be.
  • Azelaic Acid is a drug used in combination with antibiotics or other therapeutic drugs. But there are side effects. Causes swelling, redness, itching, itching, or burning sensation.
  • Salicylic acid (S ulfur ) and resorcinol (Resorcinol) used in the treatment of many skin diseases. Including acne. The use of this medication must be careful with the side effects, including severe skin irritation. The skin area is very reddish. If exposed, it will feel warm, and if used in large quantities, can cause an overdose to harm.
  • Glycolic Acid is a drug used to treat acne. And skin rejuvenation. If used for a long time may affect the skin deep. It may also cause irritation. Because this drug is acidic.
  • Retinoids are the most common acne medications. Easy to buy but caution side effects. It may cause irritation. And swelling red and blister.

For those who are chronic acne, do not respond to medications. Your doctor may recommend laser pimple treatment by using a long-lasting 755 nm long pulsed Alexandrite laser to treat the skin. This will help get rid of pimples.

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How to prevent pimples.

In the beginning. Pimples can be easily prevented by keeping a clean face clean. There are also other ways.

  • Wash at least 2 times a day with mild soap.
  • Use products that inhibit the oiliness of the face to prevent acne.
  • Choose cosmetics without oil. To prevent clogging pores on the face.
  • Wash your makeup every time before going to bed.
  • Avoid hand contact with face without washing hands.
  • Use a combination of hair products with water. (Water-Based) and avoid the hair in the face to prevent clogged pores from the hair.

If there is a pimple on the face. Or worse. See your dermatologist. To find the cause of acne. And treated at the spot and suit the skin of each person.

Pimples are not a problem if you know how to treat and prevent it. If left unchecked, it may cause acne to become acne. The effect on the skin.

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