How To Overcome Nosebleeds And Causes

By | April 17, 2018

How to Overcome Nosebleed. Nosebleeds are symptoms that cause your nose to remove blood. Perhaps some people are already experiencing signs of this nosebleed. But do you know the cause of the nosebleed? Is a nosebleed that is a sign of a serious and critical illness.

Nosebleeds based on the meaning of medicine are referred to by epistaxis, but common people know him by the name of nosebleeds. Some assume nosebleeds with aggression that takeout, the article of nosebleed arrived in a sudden way in other words not able to be suspected. Where fresh blood fatwa out of the nose without any based on dizziness, fever, or pain in the limbs.

If there is a question if the nosebleed is dangerous, so the answer is not too risky if the blood is still passed out. Because this is the natural system of the body over one aspect of the cause. So what is the cause of nosebleeds? Let’s review this occasion partly the cause of the nosebleeds below.

Causes Nosebleeds

Extreme weather changes

Where the body that originally experienced or exist in hot conditions then immediately change to a state of cold air conditions. Or even so cold. As soon as the mucous membrane from the nose breaks and release fresh blood.

Your ugly habit of picking your nose is too hard and too deep to wear your nails

Long nails and taper will make sneeze slime mucus and unhygienic nails also carry the virus that goes into the nose bacillus. When the problem anada scrape the nose for itching just gently rub the side of the nose without having to scrape it very deep.

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The existence of objects that enter the nose

Sharp objects or blunt when sleeping very deep also life will be wounded. Especially when the incoming objects of the chemical substances resemble smoke inhaled vehicles, cigarettes, gasoline, and diesel will make the mucous membrane of the nose unable to coat and create support nasal cavity, the reply mucous membrane could also tear up.

Other causes arise from the effects of chronic body condition

Where the body has a story of a disease that can be related to blood. When in children there are a child’s metabolic abnormalities, or for various ages, there are diseases associated with blood. Such as non-circulating blood that causes hemophilia, dengue fever, leukemia, hypertension, influenza, sinusitis, and tumor hid and so forth. These diseases are capable of causing nose bleeding or nosebleeds.

How to Overcome Nosebleed

From the causes that have been described this opportunity will be discussed related to how to overcome the nosebleed, for some traditional ways this as a first aid. Because the nosebleed is generally only taken place per 1 minute, so you do not worry enough to hold your body while the head is lowered and push the nose slowly for 10 minutes until the nosebleed stopped. How to cope with a nosebleed after that able with the material of traditional medicine that is dawn full. People used to assume betel leaf so powerful to stop bleeding in the nose. Because of true dash sirih able to minimize and stop the bleeding from the blood vessels in the mucous membranes are torn.

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Currently, you already know how to overcome the nosebleed and the cause. Strive when suddenly your nose naturally bleeding or nosebleeds should never worry or suck the blood that goes out into the blood again. It can not be done, because the blood that comes out when entering into the main organs of the body would cause fatal to the body’s organs. Let the blood flow with anticipation that resembles the above. But if you do not stop also bleeding you can immediately go to the doctor for treatment after that. However, try to keep your body upright unable to lie down. When laid will make blood back into the body.

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