How Women Need to Think About Different Health Insurance

By | December 1, 2018

There are some things that women are better than men. Caring for their health is not one of them. According to a recent study from ZocDoc, a digital health market, when they were sick, two-thirds of women preferred to wait for him to immediately make a doctor’s appointment (only half of men said the same thing). Even more problematic, women are more likely than men to delay preventive care.

Money is probably a big factor behind a woman’s tendency to delay treatment – or miss it altogether.

That’s why women have to think differently about their health insurance. And if you belong to 40 percent of women who are the main customers of a health insurance policy that also includes your spouse and / or child, this is even more important. This is what you need to know.

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Insurance Has Not Changed … However

Women have unique health problems that need to be accounted for when choosing a health insurance plan. And the upcoming changes to the Affordable Care Act and other health laws can present new complications for women seeking coverage. But for now, Obamacare is still there – and that means if you have insurance, your scheduled preventive maintenance is Closed, said Nate Purpura from That includes: annual female visits, HPV immunization (which, by the way, young people must also be accepted), and mammograms every two years over the age of 40. “Many people don’t use this,” Purpura Note.

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“It’s against the idea, let’s catch it early and treat it.” Maternity care is also closed. So 95 percent to 100 percent of the cost of contraception.

As now, the penalty for becoming a woman is also missing. Before the ACA trip, if you shop for your own health insurance (as opposed to getting it through an employer), the price is more expensive if you are a woman.

How many? On average $ 34 per month, or $ 400 per year, according to eHealth. That is not true anymore. On the downside, “there isn’t much flexibility when choosing your profits,” Purpura said. Above, “everything is closed and the insurance plan will not [cost more] if you are a woman.”

Get Specific About Doctors and Recipes

There is a common belief that women are more loyal than men. But research conducted by Erasmus University, Stijn van Osselaer found that this was not always the case. Men are more loyal to organizations, but women are more likely to respect individual relationships. As such, we are loyal to our hairdressers, our favorite sales force and, yes, our doctors.

So, if you feel loyal to your doctor – or even if you feel very comfortable with them – then make sure they accept the insurance plan you chose during the registration period. If you think this is the year you might be pregnant, make sure that the OB / GYN you want to use is according to your plan. After all, if you pay less for a plan that means your favorite doctor is not covered, and you end up not visiting a doctor, the results need to pay a little extra to get insurance that you will actually use more.

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And when you do that, make sure the recipes you take are also included.

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Your Health Problems Are Different – and Should Be Driving Your Insurance Decision

Let’s set aside maternity opportunities for a while (because, as we noted, everything is always closed) and focus on three other health problems. What women should know.

  1. Heart disease. This is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, who are responsible for one by one death in women each year.
  2. Cancer, the second most dangerous threat to women’s health. Contrary to popular belief, breast cancer is not the deadliest cause here – that dubious honor occurs in lung cancer, which is responsible for approximately 71,000 deaths each year.
  3. Stroke, which causes 6 percent of women’s deaths, but also a major cause of long-term disability; 60 percent of all strokes occur in women.

“If you are in a group at risk for this disease, you might want to consider a low deductible plan,” said Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO of insurance market site You will pay more upfront for your policy, but if you have an incident, your overall costs will be covered.

Get Your Physicals Now recently released a report that looked at women’s health risks specifically under President Trump. “We think preventive maintenance will continue,” said Laura Adams, Senior Insurance Analyst for the site. “[However,] what is unique about Obamacare is that they have included a lot of women’s services as preventive care – for example, birth control.” This type of preventive care, he said, could be lost on charges of replacing Obamacare.

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It argues to take advantage of the benefits that are at your current policy, pronto. “Do your annual visit,” Adams suggested. “At this time next year, this type of coverage may not be as complicated as women.”

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