Hypertension in Children May Happen, Recognize the Causes and How to Overcome It

Many people think of high blood pressure or hypertension, only experienced by adults or elderly (elderly). Even though this condition can also occur in children. Yuk Mother, identify the causes and how to overcome them.

Blood pressure is measured by how much pressure is given when blood flows through a blood vessel. In patients with hypertension , pumped blood has too much pressure on the blood vessels, which can cause damage to blood vessels, the heart and other organs.

This condition often does not precede any symptoms. However, the condition of hypertension is classified as serious and need immediate treatment of the doctor can be identified by symptoms of headache, vomiting, palpitations, shortness of breath, convulsions, or chest pain. If your child has this complaint, it is advisable to check with your doctor immediately.

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Various Possible Causes of Hypertension in Children

There are several conditions and habits that can cause hypertension in children, including:

  • Congenital disease

In children, hypertension is mostly caused by a variety of other health conditions that affect blood flow. For example congenital heart disease , kidney disease, hormonal disorders, and genetic disorders.

  • Eating too much

Eating too much, especially snacks that contain sugar can be one of the main causes of overweight ( overweight ) and obesity in children, who are then more prone to hypertension. Childhood hypertension due to obesity is more often experienced by children aged 7 years and over.

  • Lack of activity

Be careful, Bun, hypertension is more risky for children who are less active and spend more time sitting quietly, such as playing games or watching TV.

In addition, hypertension is more often experienced by children with families who have hypertension, have type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol. Then boys, passive smokers , have sleep disorders , and are on certain medications, are also more at risk of developing hypertension.

How to Overcome Hypertension in Children

To ascertain the diagnosis of hypertension in children, the doctor will conduct a physical examination and ask parents about the child’s health history, activity level and nutrition, and family health history.

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Then a blood pressure check will be carried out, possibly going to be done several times to ensure blood pressure (it is generally necessary to check the doctor’s visit more than once). In addition, the doctor may perform several other examinations, including blood tests, urine tests, heart record (ECG), and cardiac ultrasound or echocardiography.

If hypertension in children is classified as mild or stage 1, the doctor will likely suggest lifestyle changes, including the consumption of healthy foods and more exercise.

While blood pressure-lowering drugs will only be given if lifestyle changes are less successful in reducing hypertension, or if the child experiences other health conditions such as diabetes. The child’s hypertension medication may be given temporarily or takes longer, depending on the child’s condition.

If hypertension is caused by a disease or other health disorder, overcoming this condition can generally control blood pressure. For example, if hypertension is caused by being overweight, then after the child has managed to lose weight and blood pressure has been controlled, the consumption of hypertension drugs can be stopped.

Child hypertension should immediately get the right treatment. If not treated immediately, hypertension causes severe complications for the health of the heart, blood vessels, and kidneys.

So that Children Avoid Hypertension

Mother, the child’s blood pressure should begin to be checked regularly since the age of 3 years, especially if he has a risky condition such as premature birth. The following ways can help reduce your risk of having hypertension:

  • Eat healthy food

Give your child healthy food with a balanced nutritional pattern. Children need to reduce processed foods and sweet drinks, and consume more natural fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as whole-grain foods. Also be careful of foods with high salt levels in fast food restaurants, such as crispy fried chicken and pizza. If necessary, a nutrition doctor can help you with food advice and presenting the right one for your little one.

  • Keep children away from cigarettes

Although children do not smoke, but if he is often located in a neighborhood of people who smoke, it can be a passive smoker , you know , Bun. In addition to increasing blood pressure, passive smoking can also cause blood vessel and heart problems.

  • Active life and regular exercise

Regular exercise is highly recommended to optimize growth and development into healthy children. If it is not possible, just make sure the Little One is actively moving for at least one hour a day. Don’t forget to also limit when children sit still like watching TV or playing games , Bun.

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So don’t delay creating a healthy lifestyle in the family early on. So that children grow healthy, and avoid hypertension and other dangerous diseases. Consult a doctor , if symptoms of hypertension arise in the child for proper treatment.

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