Is Good to Breakfast Afternoon ?

By | April 29, 2018
Many people are accustomed to breakfast during the day, or popularly called brunch. The reasons were varied. Probably not having time, wake up late, afraid of arriving late at the destination, or because it has not been lust if you have to eat breakfast. There are also eating brunch as a hunger booster between breakfast and lunchtime. You one of them?
He said breakfast lunches can help you lose weight because you still feel full when the next meal time to arrive, so the portion of the meal became automatically reduced. Really like that?

What is usually eaten at brunch?

A brunch menu is usually not too heavy as the main meal, but also not including snacks. What is usually eaten at lunch-lunch is chicken noodles, gado-gado, eggs, until ketoprak. Some people may eat porridge or rice complete even though it was already noon. A number of restaurants today also have started serving Western-style brunch , such as pancakes, waffles, omelets, to burgers and pasta.

Brunch can actually help the diet, provided that …

When talking about the bad breakfast, there are many things to be considered. Starting from the type of menu, portions, time to eat, and what the purpose. For example, make brunch as a distraction between breakfast and lunch.
Because before you’ve had breakfast, your brunch portion will be less than the usual heavy meal – just to prop the stomach first. Well, later when you will eat again the stomach condition is still not so hungry after brunch, then you will tend to eat heavy meals in smaller portions. A regular diet like this is certainly good for you who may be on a diet lose weight, also good to maintain energy and stable blood sugar.
Even so, you also need to pay attention to the food menu. Choose a diet high in fiber and healthy fats that can make you satiated quickly, such as vegetable salad, wheat bread with toppings of avocado slices and eggs, or oatmeal (oatmeal porridge). That way, you will feel full longer so eat less during lunch later. Research shows that eating a low-fat snack before a heavy meal can reduce the amount of food and caloric intake you will consume.
Also, avoid fried foods with lots of oil. Oily foods are usually also high in fat and calories, so it is not impossible for long your weight will increase. Oily foods can also increase your risk of chronic diseases, especially heart disease and diabetes.

Lunchtime lunch can make you gain weight

Another story if you make brunch as a substitute for breakfast. This means that you spend the same breakfast time.
Weight can indeed go down if you skip meals. However, this beneficial effect is only temporary. When the stomach does not fill the food for a long time, the body will actually store as much fat as possible to prevent you from starving. Instead, the body starts burning glucose stored in the muscles.
As a result, the body loses muscle mass instead of stubborn fat deposits. This is a  method of weight loss that is not ideal. Burning energy from muscle tissue, not fat, can make it easier for you to feel weak and lethargic throughout the day, as well as difficulty concentrating.
Moreover, an empty stomach for too long because skipping breakfast can make you eat in a lot of portions during brunch. The reason, the empty stomach sends signals to the brain to request filled. The brain then releases ghrelin hunger hormones that can increase appetite and increase fat accumulation in the body. This can also undo the effects of weight loss.


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