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By | April 26, 2018

Bergamot is a unique herbal ingredient that has been used in cooking for centuries. Many Thai medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory. Antioxidant treatment to strengthen health. The beauty of the various.

In addition to spice seasoning. Bergamot has many biologically active substances, such as Vitamin C, beta-carotene, Citronellal, beta-pinene (beta-carnitine) And Limonene, etc. People are encouraged to use bergamot, such as extracted essential oils, hair and scalp products, mosquito repellants or pesticides. Some studies and medical evidence prove the properties of bergamot as follows.

Good for gums and teeth.

Bacteria in the mouth are one of the major causes of gum disease. Kaffir lime leaves contain cytology. (Citronellal) that may have an antibacterial effect. There are many types of research that prove the properties of bergamot in an antibacterial oral.

A study of oil extracted from kaffir lime leaves was tested in the laboratory. To study the properties of inhibiting the formation of biofilm and the bacteria that cause periodontal disease, it was found that the oil extracted from kaffir lime leaves have antibacterial activity and reduces the formation of biofilm, which is the bacteria in the cavity. The mouth can be up to 99 percent by destroying the outer membrane of bacteria. It is expected that the oil from kaffir lime leaf can be developed as a key component in conjunction with other disinfectants in oral care products such as mouthwash. This is consistent with another research study on the properties of essential oils extracted from bergamot and other Thai herbs. The oil has antibacterial properties that cause tooth decay and reduce plaque build up on the tooth surface. also But bergamot has a weaker effect than cinnamon and basil.

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The above research shows the properties of bergamot for antibacterial and antibacterial, which prevent gum disease. However, there should be further research and trial use of bergamot and extracts in various ways to test the effectiveness and safety before applying to maintain the health of the gums and teeth.


Inflammation usually results in swelling and redness, which results in the organ failure. Bergamot has a phytochemical nature that is believed to help relieve inflammation from various diseases.

Research of the trial to patients with an osteoarthritis undergoing massage Thailand or herbal compresses containing lime, Ginger and turmeric in combination with other herbs to 3 days per week compared with oral anti-inflammatory drugs. Ibuprofen 3 times a day for 3 weeks as well The results showed that all patients had better symptoms. But see the results clearly in the group used herbs. It is expected that bergamot may be used as an alternative treatment. To help relieve inflammation from arthritis of the knee. In addition, the study of the properties of herbal oil contains lime, plum, watermelon and watermelon, the girl was fascinated by thermal extraction. The herbs have an anti-inflammatory effect as well.

However, these researches are only researched in the laboratory and studied using various herbs. The anti-inflammatory properties of bergamot should be investigated in humans and experimented with only bergamot. To find a way to develop drugs or products to relieve inflammation of bergamot in the future.

Mosquito protection

Most mosquito products contain standard anti-mosquito or DEET agents that may cause allergic or irritation. The herbs that contain natural chemicals that may work similar to the anti-mosquito. Some studies have found that essential oils from bergamot and many other herbs can have mosquitoes.

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An old research study on the properties of kaffir lime oil and other herbs found in the laboratory showed that only 5% Vanillin oil had the maximum protection against mosquitoes. hours, but a period of less than mosquito oil from other herbs like turmeric, basil, lavender or mosquito protection standards. It lasts for about 6-8 hours.

Research on the anti-mosquito properties of leaf oils and bergamot peels in varying concentrations ranged from 0.5 to 5 percent. Both mosquito-borne and direct contact mosquitoes were not exposed. It was found that the essential oil extracted from kaffir lime leaves was more effective in preventing mosquitoes than those extracted from the bark of kaffir lime in the same concentration. Except for the 5 percent concentration, which is effective against mosquitoes.

In the above study, it may be possible to use bergamot as a natural mosquito repellent product instead of chemicals. But more research is needed. To study the efficacy of different types of bergamot in different species. Including the safety of using such products as well.

Other benefits of bergamot

In addition to treatment or prevention. Some people also use bergamot as a help in the beauty of nature. But research in this area is still quite limited. Always use bergamot and bergamot products carefully.

Examples of using bergamot in daily life.

  • Nourish hair and scalp Kaffir lime leaves contain beta-carotene (beta-carotene), a precursor of vitamin A, a vital vitamin that helps maintain skin and hair health. May use bergamot to nourish the hair and scalp with the fresh kaffir lime hemisphere hair again after using the regular shampoo. By rubbing bergamot with hair and scalp. Then leave for a while and rinse with clean water. Or cut the kaffir lime hemisphere to burn the fire and then use the hair. These methods may help to nourish hair, shine, and health.
  • Facial bergamot with ascorbic acid and natural species that may be beneficial to health. May bring fresh kaffir lime seeds, then spin it with egg white or a little water before the mask. It should not be left for too long. It may be irritating to the skin.
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Safety in using bergamot

Currently, there are studies on the properties and safety of using bergamot for health and beauty. Even consumption of bergamot in food and the use of bergamot generally cannot be harmful to the body if used correctly, properly and appropriately. However, it has been reported that the oil from bergamot skin may cause skin rashes in some cases when exposed to sunlight.

Before using any bergamot or herbs, consumers should carefully study the information. To use oil from bergamot. You may select products that are extracted by distillation instead of directly extracted. It will help to remove substances that cause allergic reactions. For the use of other products containing bergamot. The label should be studied well. Consult a physician or pharmacist. And start using less before.

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