Let’s take a picture with a single-lens reflex now at the best of smartphone

By | September 6, 2017

The smartphone is convenient anyway. I can do much of the work of the world with a smartphone.
People are said to have stopped watching because they often watch time on a smartphone. There are not many people who read books with smartphones instead of buying paper books.
This “Hum Hum” article should be read often by smartphone.

The high performance of the smart camera is amazing

A mobile phone equipped with a camera function was released,and it spread explosively after 2000. I also miss memorizing photographs with my friends on a cell phone during my high school days. Nonetheless, the image quality was insufficient at the beginning. Even when printing out, the image became rough and it was not suitable for memorial photos.
However, the progress of technology was terrible. The picture quality gets steadily steady, and the number of pixels surpassed 10 million pixels while having it. It became attached to continuous shooting function and high quality lens etc.

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And now, the smartphone is taking over the function of the photograph which was the exclusive place of the compact digital camera and SLR.
Single lens reflex lens can exchange lens
However, even such a universal smart camera still has some parts that are not suitable for single lens reflex cameras . Let me focus on three points.
Most of the smartphones are equipped with only one zoom lens.
The advantage of single lens reflex is that it is possible to take pictures that can not be imaged with a standard zoom lens by replacing the lens.
For example, if you want to capture a railroad that runs at high speed, a telephoto lens will be used, and if you want to capture a wide landscape wide, a wide angle lens will be useful. In these special scenes, teeth are often inconspicuous in smart cameras. The single lens reflex camera can be used as an interchangeable lens specialized for each shooting, so it will be advantageous.

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You can take pictures with depth

Shoot a picture with a sense of realism by blurring the background behind the person. Even SLR is good at such work.
With a smart camera, you can take sharp pictures. However, the background and the background of the person in front will be assimilated, and it will be finished in a picture with a planar impression somewhere. This is because the sensor size of the camera is totally different between the smartphone and the SLR, and the small sensor of the smartphone can not fully capture the light.
Certainly, depending on the application even in the smartphone, there is a function that can blur the background.
However, with the beauty of the raw photographs, the army player will be raised towards the SLR as well.

It is possible to make the model feel it

The exclusive single-lens reflex is effective in model shooting. When shooting with a good camera, the model gains tension. That is, the probability of taking good pictures increases.
The shutter sound of a single-lens reflex called PASHACH, PASHACH is unique to a smart camera.
At the same time, the motivation of the photographer also increases. Because I bought a single lens reflex, the tension goes up to take good pictures. A heavy and heavy camera is also an entity that satisfies ownership desire.
It is also a single lens reflex whose high psychological effects are high , not being able to speak by function alone .

Summer soon. Let’s buy a single-lens reflex now

One book that lets you know the shooting techniques using these single-lens reflexes is ” 100 Recipes for Cool Photography ” (CAPA & Digicapa! Editorial Department · Edit / Gakken Plus · Publication).
According to my acquaintance professional photographer, honestly, the picture of everyday life is no longer a smart camera and it is said to be high image quality. It can be said that there is no problem at all by using images with blogs and SNS.
However, if you want to capture an impressive picture, you still need an SLR. And this summer is coming soon, so now is the time to prepare for cameraman debut. Let’s jump out to the city with the SLR in hand.

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