Loneliness Can Cause Depression?

By | September 13, 2018

Like the feeling of happy and sad, lonely is also a form of emotion ever experienced by any human being. However, if someone felt lonely dragged on, carefully, it could be a sign of depression.

Loneliness is a complex emotion typically include feelings of anxiety against lack of connection or communication with other beings. According to experts, the loneliness is a mental state that involves the thoughts and feelings, as in many cases involving a person feels lonely when she was in the crowd.

There are many things that can make people feel lonely. According to the research of a psychologist from the University of Chicago, United States, loneliness can be caused by many things, such as genetic, exclusion, separation with the people closest to you, or due to factors within the person itself as feeling low themselves.

Lonely Like what can cause depression?

Not all the loneliness experienced by someone is a sign that he was depressed. As explained at the beginning, lonely is a normal emotion condition experienced by anyone at a time. The loneliness which is still reasonable and not drawn-out is not a problem that needs to be addressed specifically.

While loneliness can cause depression is loneliness that accompanied some of the common symptoms of depression, as follows:

1. Excessive Restlessness

Feeling alone and loneliness experienced could make someone feel uneasy is incredible. The condition could be getting worse when there is a problem. People potentially experiencing depression may experience tremendous anxiety, because it feels no one is able to understand him.

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2. feeling Worthless

A sense of loneliness that is too drawn-out plus a sense of inferiority will make people more and potentially for depression. A sense of low self-esteem that can be any negative feelings that he is worthless, as well as starting to over-think mistakes and failures that have ever experienced.

3. Desperate

Felt anything done there will be no point or despair, is a form of emotion that dangerous if hand-with a sense of loneliness. The number of cases of suicide due to depression for many caused by loneliness accompanied by a sense of despair. They will usually feel there will be no circumstances that changed, as hard as any endeavor.

4. Difficult to focus and not passionate

This condition is characterized by a loss of interest and passion for doing things that were frowned upon as well as a daily routine. Including sexual arousal with couples, for those who are married. This will be increasingly severe if accompanied by the difficulty of being able to focus, even on small things though.

5. Sleep disorders

The symptoms of depression one are characterized by irregular sleep patterns. People experiencing these symptoms usually experience a change of hours of sleep. For example, one daytime sleep fewer than usual, then on another day could have slept longer than usual, then in the other day and even experience trouble sleeping (insomnia) don’t even sleep the night away. Sleep disorders can also be the effect of some of the other symptoms, such as feeling scared and nervous overload.

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