Mother, It’s How To Recover Yourself After Miscarriage

By | April 21, 2018
Miscarriage or loss of an unborn baby can bring along sadness to a woman. However, do not let yourself drown in sorrow huh. Although not easy, there is a way to recover and re-rise after a miscarriage. Physically, you may be able to recover quickly from a miscarriage, but not necessarily emotionally. Although not rocking the baby, but the bond between the mother and baby since the womb must have been established. Naturally when all feelings arise mixed when experiencing a miscarriage. But do not let this drown you in prolonged grief.

Feel the Emotions
If you experience a miscarriage, you can feel a mixture of emotions ranging from anger, sadness, guilt, depression, to disbelief. As a result, you may experience fatigue, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, frequent crying, tired relationships with family and friends, even to suicidal. These complaints generally lead to post-miscarriage depression.

Recovering from a miscarriage does not mean to forget about the event at all. However, changing the focus on more positive and building. You should still be optimistic that there is still a future and hope that is waiting to get pregnant again.
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Unless the doctor’s analysis says otherwise, you still have the possibility to get pregnant again and have a healthy born baby. However, it is important for you to recover and strengthen yourself before you become pregnant again. Wear contraception if you really want to delay having a baby.

Stay Resilient After Miscarriage
Miscarriage can extinguish the spirit of a candidate mother. However, do not let it drag on ya. Perform the following ways to recuperate after a miscarriage, so it can remain tough.

Do not blame yourself or others
Avoid blaming yourself for your miscarriage. You may also want to blame things around you, including your doctor, spouse, or situation. But blaming the other will not be useful. Coming closer to God will make it easier for you to accept conditions and to manage negative emotions and feelings. Being comfortable with yourself and your circumstances will help you live a lighter life.
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Try to open up
Open yourself to all the negative feelings that may arise. Do not be pressured or avoided. Give your husband and time to grieve and express each other’s feelings. Some people may feel reluctant to share their miscarriage experiences with others. However, others feel that sharing experiences can actually heal. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a psychologist or counselor if you find it difficult to handle ups and downs of emotions.

Take work leave and rest
If possible, take time off from the office even though physically you may feel fine. The doctor can help you give a permit. If you have another child, ask for help from relatives, friends or carers to help take care of him. Ask for help from a household assistant to clean the house, cook or wash.

Ignore others’ comments
No need to listen to others comments that are not pleasing to the heart, for example when someone invites you to forget the event quickly. The chances of that person just meant to help you through the sadness.
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Give it time to socialize again
It’s okay if you feel not ready to meet other people, let alone come to visit another baby birth, baby shower event, or another event that reminds you of a miscarriage.

Miscarriage is a traumatic event that can bring deep sadness. But, do not let that have an excessive or protracted impact on your life. Although not easy, you must remain tough and go back to live with zeal ya!
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