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By | September 6, 2017

Thinking to do a cool presentation, people using PDCA or AIDMA or other knowledgeable frameworks, who are making presentations that are not well understood as a result, do you? “How much do you make profit?” It is a waste that your boss told me that I can not tell you where I have to tell at the meeting! In any case, using the framework best suited for the conference you want, I’d like to get a word of “Well, let’s do it!” And make it a win-win space.
Therefore, this time we will introduce three useful frameworks for work from ” Problem Solving Framework 44 used by people who work fast ” (Katsumi Nishimura · work / Gakken Plus · publication) .

What is “framework” in the first place?

When asking “Framework”, it tends to have an impression that it is hard to understand with only horizontal letters, but in short, it is “framework”.
Let’s tell in ” problem solving framework 44 used by people with fast work “. Actually it is familiar, and this is also a framework.

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Framework is a decomposition of its constituent elements within several pieces so as to grasp the whole picture of the problem faced. For example, spring, summer, autumn, winter if it is season.

( Quoted from ” Problem Solving Framework 44 Used by Fast Workers “)

Besides, “framework bamboo” or “clothing, food and shelter”, a certain chain beef bowl shop also “something delicious, fast, cheap” is also a framework. It may be a good idea to think about your own framework when it is hard to attach an image easily, you can not drop it by yourself! My framework is “glasses · late · hello!” … It is the worst woman. . .

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Finding a blind spot “5 Force Analysis”

“This idea has no competitors and you can monopolize!” A new service that your boss was excited about.
However, somehow “I wonder if I can really do with this service?” But, there are no concrete examples, it is exciting, and it’s all right. Why, there are no people! What?
I waited for a while! If it says “failed” since the service started, it is also a big debt for the company. That debt will sound like your bonus! So, I will introduce a framework to stop the boss who is going out of control.

5 Force is a framework that defines five competing factors. There are “hostile relationship among peers”, “threat from new entrants”, “threats of buyers (customers)” “threats of suppliers (sellers)” and “threats of substitute products / alternative services”. If you are looking at only hostile relationships between vendors, you will make a wrong strategy.

( Quoted from ” Problem Solving Framework 44 Used by Fast Workers “)
For competitors and competitors, we only see islands nearby, but for example, even if we come up with a novel idea, “I will open a new bookshop!”
· The buyer is shopping online
· There are an increasing number of stylish bookstores with a cafe
· Facilities where large enterprises such as Bikkoro hand in hand are increasing
· The comic reading population is increasing on the net
It is too dangerous to go forward without looking at the market that is a threat, such as. In order to stop the boss’s runaway, there may be things that you can see by organizing the five competitive factors with the framework.

Is it too risky to work too carefully? Let’s look back at ” QCD “

Many people think carefully about how to reduce mistakes in their work at work. Recently, it seems that there are also cases involving a slight mistake leading to the flames and affecting the stock price from the flames up to the company’s survival. But even when saying “” politely “, it is too bad even if the work does not finish! So I will introduce the framework necessary for improving the quality of work.

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Q (quality), C (cost), D (delivery date) are the quality of work. Whatever the cost ( C ) is high, how much will it make a high quality ( Q ) product ? Either the selling price gets higher or you can not sell it, or you do not sell at a low price and you do not make a profit. Also, what if delayed delivery ( D ) is delayed? As the new release will be released at the end of last month, if the release is delayed this month, sales representatives will be struggling to deal with complaints to dealers.

( Quoted from ” Problem Solving Framework 44 Used by Fast Workers “)
How about the quality of your work?
QCD is if there is evolution, ” S (speed)” was added ” S · QCD and”, ” P (products)” was added to ” P · QCD there is.” Which is missing in my work now, which job is too polite What is the problem that the junior is holding, let’s look back at QCD . Perhaps, “May you be able to do with this cheap salary!” Delaying deliveries on purpose, maybe you are presenting something of poor quality.
Let’s take full advantage of the “framework” left by our predecessors when finding current problems, considering new projects, colliding with a few walls at work, and let’s work efficiently!

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