Recent “cold food” is better than “eating out”! What changed?

By | October 9, 2017

A convenient frozen food that you can eat just by “Chin!” At the range when you are busy.
Speaking of a cold meal when I was a child, it was only the impression of a lunch boxing accompaniment. Fried food is watery and I feel it was moist.
Although it was still growing up, I was satisfied as it was, but I thought that there was no food and taste better than handmade.

The cold food is better than the mesh in the neighborhood dining room

However, in the last few years, there is a revolution in cold food.
It became much delicious.
Freshly baked pasta such as ‘Spa King’ of Nissin Food that was useful when you lived alone is deliciously better than a poor Italian restaurant and it is nice and spa.
The present personal boom is fried rice. Always 2 to 3 bags are stocked in the freezer. Remember the frozen fried rice aged a while ago. Overall the rice was watery, it should have been an impression of cold food.

However, recent products are surprisingly finished in a palatable way. “A fried rice” that Ajinomoto launched is better than our neighborhood Chinese restaurant. This is by no means an exaggerated expression and I am not a maker of manufacturers. It is a straightforward impression. I’d love to try it.

The key to making a cold meal is in the refrigeration method
These premium cold snacks are said to be on sale despite being relatively expensive. And the side dish of lunch that I ate in high school days such as “dumplings” and “chicken cutlets” also said that the taste is rising dramatically.

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Why did the quality of cold meals so much improved? It is ” secret of frozen food” (Ogino Hitoshi, office · idiom · writer / Gakken Plus · publication) that unravels the mystery. Am I the only one who feels pretty girls drawn on this book, cover? Well, as you open this book, a lot of secrets are kept for keeping the taste. Especially, the fact that technology of rapid freezing evolved seems to be a point. As it reads, it is a technology to freeze quickly, but how is it different from ordinary freezing? The food contains moisture, but if you freeze it slowly, it will cling to the moisture, it will become big ice and destroy the food cells.
On that point, if it is quickly frozen, water will become ice with a small crumb, so we will not break the structure of the food.

(Quoted from “secret of frozen food”)

It is understood that freezing live things in a refrigerator is the same and completely different thing. If it is frozen quickly, it keeps nutrition as well as deliciousness, so it is two birds with one stone.

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What if cold meals are better than homemade food?
The mystery of the cold meal has been solved and it has become increasingly appreciated. Cool food is too convenient. Still, it will be delicious, there is no way to not actively use it.

What will happen if the cold diet evolves with this momentum? Cold meals may be preferred over handmade side dishes made by my wife. If that happens, it is likely that various problems will arise in the home. But in this book, this is also written.
It is also important to combine fresh and frozen foods well in order to enrich the daily diet!

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(Quoted from “secret of frozen food”)

I see. It is a problem that it depends too much on a cold food to say how convenient it is. A lot of arrangement recipes using cold food are introduced in this book. In order to deepen your family ties and lead a healthy life, it is important to send a balanced diet.

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