Sport for a Longer Life

By | September 11, 2018

Play badminton or turns can make you more longevity, so the findings of new research.

Through the research, recently published in the medical journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, a group of international researchers interested in tracing the relationship between sports and the game of life.

They observe the data of the Copenhagen City Heart Study. According to The New York Times, a study that is the ongoing effort to track the lives and health of thousands of men and women in Copenhagen.

It includes the results of the examination of the health of the people in the study of Copenhagen, as well as their content of a questionnaire about lifestyle overall.

The questionnaire was questioning a variety of matters related to the well-being, including whether they are playing or exercising the General carried out in Denmark such as running, cycling, playing football, swimming, and tennis.

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The researchers then pursing data to nearly 8,600 people from the Copenhagen study original. After that, they looked at it in conjunction with the national death records to see who and when study participants died.

In the end, the researchers got a lot of interesting findings.

One of them, the people who said they regularly play tennis without conscious age almost a decade longer overall.

The difference in length-age even far beyond the results due to sports and other games. For example, researchers found that running prolongs the life of about three years, while cycling adds age four years longer.

Two sports that much different from tennis with which according to researchers can add life to 10 years. What’s the difference between tennis with a run or bike?

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The key is on sports teams. Tennis, badminton, futsal, basketball or the effect is better for life expectancy rather than solo sports such as cycling, swimming or jogging.

So, this is not just a matter of sports with friends but also interact in practice.

Another conclusion of the researchers of this study is that, as with any other group exercise tremendous impact both on the physical and mental health of the culprit.

“We know from other research that social support provides mitigation of stress, ” says Dr. James O’Keefe, one of the authors of the study and Director of preventive cardiology at the Mid America Heart Institute in Saint Luke’s Health Center in Kansas City.

Dr. O’Keefe explains,  “with others, play and interact with them, as you do when playing the gyms who need friend or team, might have psychological and physiological effects are unique.”

O’Keefe’s statement is supported by the fact that according to this research, not just the tennis, but also football, badminton–sports and other groups were able to extend the life.

The results of this research are quite reasonable.

Exercise in General, obviously good benefits for you. But when you are able to do it with people who have the same or at least similar objectives with you, its benefits even more so better.

This is not the first study that shows the benefits of sport. Other research published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, reveals sports groups such as cycling or class of Zumba, giving more than just physical benefits. Because sports teams also support the emotional and mental health.

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Mental health problem is also one of the findings of this new research.

A study by O’Keefe and the team involves a group of medical school students is known to have high levels of stress and low quality of life. So, if the group can exercise their spirit, spur visualize the effect for you.

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