That Stress On the Parent Could Follow Felt baby?

By | September 30, 2018

The mother is being felt is the moment of stress, then it is precisely the little ones cry continuously. Do not add stress ok. The possibility of a baby cot is not cranky, but “contracting” stress is the mother feel.

Actually, this started since the baby. The little ones can feel when the mother suffers from stress seconds pregnancy. There is a variety of effects from the matter. Starting from dressing increases the risk of premature, low birth weight to IQ and temperament after the baby is born.

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Babies Learn to Recognize Emotions from the range of

After birth, the baby will start learning to recognize emotions from people in the surrounding area, especially Mother and Father. In a study, found that stress could feel Mother influenced the little ones. For example, it can feel sad if see her parents sad or is a bad mood.

At the age of a few months, babies can even distinguish the expression sad and happy. This mother is asking her to talk with full expression.

On the other hand, if Bunda shows face without expression, the baby could so try it to make Mother smiling. In addition, babies can also feel if some people are smiling on it not sincere or fabricated.

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Entering the age of 1 year, in addition to recognizing what is felt to be someone else, it may have been even felt bothered against the expression of others. On the other hand is still small, it can be seen what greeted the Mother of Mother happy friend, or current Mother seems happy pet cat strokes at home.

Come on, Start Managing Stress Well

So that Little One doesn’t experience the stress that Mother feels, Mother needs to be clever at managing Mother’s response to situations that aren’t working properly. Try, do the things below:

Understand the causes of stress

What is the situation that makes you feel depressed? Is it related to work, family, finance, or something else? By recognizing the cause, you can try to find a way out and reduce stress.

Get to know how to relieve stress

Instead of relieving stress by eating a lot of unhealthy foods, you can try healthier ways such as talking and exchanging ideas with friends or light exercise.

Stay healthy

To be able to continue to care for the baby, Mother must first take care of one’s own health. Enough time to rest, eat healthily and drink enough.

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Spend “me time”

Spending my time after having a child does not mean selfish, you know, Bun. It is precisely after taking time for yourself, Mother will have a new spirit to look after your child.

Receive help from others

Stress usually starts from being overwhelmed by doing too many things at once. From now on try to delegate some work such as washing clothes and cleaning houses for others.

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Spend quality time with family

Instead of focusing on things that are not going well, it is better to tighten relationships between family members by spending time together.

If you still continue to feel stressed even though you have done various ways, there is no need to hesitate to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. The sooner your mother is free of stress, the risk of your child “contracting” the negative emotions of your mother is also lower, so that growth can be optimal.

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