The Little One Often Hits Himself? This 4-Step Calm

By | December 1, 2018

The innocence of children certainly makes you nervous. However, when he starts whining and crying, you must be hot looking at him. Especially if the child likes to hit other people even himself when he is upset. This is sure to worry you. Is it normal for a child to do this? What should parents do to calm children? Find out the answer is clearer in the following review.

Is it normal if a child likes to hit himself?

Most children who are tantrums will hit, bite, and bang their head on something. When you first find your child doing this, you must be very surprised. Actually this action is commonly done by children.

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When the child has started to grow, he will explore the environment and know what is needed or desired. However, children have not been able to convey this. Maybe he can only show it with gestures or also tell in obscure words.

This inability makes children stressed and frustrated. As a result, your little one will hit himself as a way to express resentment.

In addition, children like to beat themselves up can also occur when they feel sick and uncomfortable. For example, when your child has middle ear infections . His sore and itchy ears will make him touch or hit his ears.

What you need to pay attention to is how often children do this. If this behavior occurs very often without a clear cause, chances are that the child has symptoms of autism spectrum syndrome . Children with this condition usually show symptoms such as hitting their chin, biting their hands, putting their faces on their knees, hitting their heads, or banging their heads.

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However, each child is different. There are still many other reasons that make children like to beat or hurt themselves. If you are worried, consult a doctor or child psychologist.

How do you deal with it?

Although it is common in children, it does not mean you just let this happen. When you are big enough and able to communicate well, the child will leave this habit because he understands that this action can harm him.

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Some steps to break the habit of children like to beat themselves, including:

1. Know the trigger

If you often find children doing this often, you should suspect some things that trigger it. Children can start tantrums when they are hungry, sleepy, feel sick, tired, or when you ignore them.

2. Stop the movement of the hand that starts to hit

When he starts hitting his hand, you must be quick to respond to the movement. Approach the child and focus your attention on him when he intends to stop the movement.

3. Calm the child with words and hugs

When the child is upset or feels pain, giving the child attention is the key to calming himself. Besides being nearby, you need to give words that make him calm and feel safe. Claps on the top of the head, shoulders, or even hugs may be needed.

4. Ask what your child wants or feels

After making him calm, the next step is to make sure what makes him hit himself. It is difficult to understand what the child wants, especially if he cannot communicate smoothly. You need to observe your body movements, mouth, or listen to your baby’s voice again and guess his words with other words that are similar or almost close.

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