Tips To Overcome Morning Sickness.

By | April 21, 2018

The new role is that the mother is a very exciting story for many people. But what makes a mother feel anxious is the inevitable morning sickness (Morning Sickness), especially the first pregnancy.

Morning sickness often occurs during the 6th week of pregnancy. Some people have morning sickness more than this: About 4 weeks, new mothers with morning sickness will feel lightheaded, nauseated like to vomit. A common symptom of early pregnancy. In general, morning sickness is a symptom that makes pregnant women feel sick, although not sick. Some people have dizziness. Feeling tired, easy to eat, each of which is different to almost cover many symptoms.

Why must

Why are you missing a question that can not be summed up? It is speculated that it may be caused by hormonal changes in the placenta and the baby’s body, such as estrogen, estrogen, progesterone. Progesterone or human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) may be a result of physical and mental changes. Absolutely stress Sensitivity to smell. Even the natural mechanisms of the body do not eat anything at risk to the fetus.

Although morning sickness may be a symptom that many mothers do not want to face. But at least in the medical sense, not too much morning sickness is a sign of a good pregnancy. Because of the development and creation of many hormones. HCG hormones, which are thought to contribute to morning sickness.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a sign of pregnancy. Do not panic. Symptoms can be improved upon through the first trimester of pregnancy. However, morning sickness can occur throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Even very rare. We have recommended relieving morning sickness.

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Eat less But more often.

Leaving an empty stomach will make morning sickness worse. Each meal should be eaten in small quantities. But eat more often. To help balance the blood sugar levels. Or may eat light, digestible, easy and beneficial to the body during the day.

Avoid fried foods and seasonings.

Some foods may stimulate the digestive system to malfunction. For example, high-fat foods, fried foods, high-glycemic foods, or high-acid foods, are converted to high-protein and vitamin B6 foods that help relieve morning sickness.

Eat cooler than hot.

Choosing to eat at room temperature or cold food will make it easier to eat than hot cooked food. The smell of hot foods may encourage vomiting.

have enough rest

Restful sleep may affect bad morning sickness. The dizziness is so easy to induce vomiting. A good way to sleep early. If you feel dizzy during the day. Sit back and snooze for a while to help improve the sense of well being.

Avoid stimuli.

Morning sickness may get worse when stimulated. Because of the sensitivity to odor, it is important to avoid food or be in an environment that provokes nausea. Easy vomiting Or maybe create a home atmosphere with the aroma of essential oils.


Find activities that divert attention from morning sickness, such as reading books, watching television, playing games, planting trees, not to be overwhelmed with feelings that aggravate the discomfort of morning sickness.

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Do not let the body dehydrate.

Drink enough water each day. Or sip often during the day to prevent dehydration and minerals if vomiting cannot eat anything. Should find a substitute that provides energy to the body, such as nectar, candy, ice cream, juice, should be avoided drinks with caffeine. In addition, warm ginger juice can reduce morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting.

Morning sickness may be a symptom of discomfort to your new mother. It is important that encouragement and regular health care will help to cope with the symptoms and over time.

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