Types of Stomach Cramps That Occur When Pregnant

By | October 11, 2018

As time goes by, the size of a woman’s stomach will develop during pregnancy. The size of the stomach enlarges because the fetus in the uterus also enlarges. This enlargement suppresses the area around the abdomen so that cramps or contractions will often occur over time.

During pregnancy, there are at least four cramps or contractions that often occur. There are conditions that are normal and not. The contractions experienced by this woman have made a woman not strong because the intensity of her illness is quite large. The following types of abdominal cramps that occur during a pregnant woman.

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  1. Active cramps

Active cramps often occur in women who will give birth. Usually a few days before delivery will appear. This type of cramps usually lasts for 1 minute with a high enough intensity. This high intensity usually appears once every 3-5 minutes before finally reviving by itself.

This active cramping occurs because there is a strong partner in the cervix. Pressure from the fetus will make the cervix experience an opening 10 cm long. Furthermore, the head of the baby will also continue to press before finally coming out of the cervix and appearing in the birth hole.

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When cramps or contractions appear usually women will feel weak so that doctors or midwives often give injections so strong Manahan is sick.

  1. Cramps before labor

This type of cramping has a lower intensity than cramps that appear during labor. Cramps before childbirth appear in the final months of labor when the baby is getting big and ready to be born. Cramps arise because there is a movement of the baby kicking or pressing the surface of the stomach from the mother.

One sign of this cramping is the appearance of pain in the back. Furthermore, there are also some women who have breathed regularly. The hips feel full and uncomfortable. This type of cramping usually runs for 45 seconds to one minute. Then cramps will stop and appear again 5 minutes later.

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  1. Cramps of prodromal labor

This type of cramping often occurs in the last few weeks before delivery. Usually women will experience quite strong pain in the stomach with a duration of about 45 seconds or more. The pain will be felt more when a woman walks or sits too long.

The frequency of contractions also increases with time. Although there are strong cramps and contractions, women will not give birth. Usually the cervix still has no change in the neck or cervix. After experiencing development, then open an opening in the cervix and pressure from the fetus to get out bigger.

  1. Kram Braxton-Hicks

This type of cramps is often referred to as false cramps or contractions. Cramps that appear remain intense as if cramps are active before labor. However, these cramps appear irregular. Women who experience pain in the abdomen will usually be more comfortable when walking or lying down for a while.

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This cramping condition is not caused by the size of the fetus, because the fetus is often 6 weeks old. The cause of this cramping is acute dehydration. Furthermore, women who walk too much and fatigue will also experience intense cramps.

Here are some types of cramps or contractions that occur during pregnancy, especially when approaching labor. Hopefully the review above can help you to pay more attention to the health condition of the fetus and also the mother who will give birth.

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